OptMedia Specializes in Experimental Device and New Media Applications.

We Optimize Bleeding Edge Media.

Complete Recipes

Late night cravings? Dinner for the family? CompleteRecipes features over 100,000 recipes, as well as many Pinterest favorites that have been repinned over 100,000 times!

We develop recipe sharing for a variety of social media platforms, Android OS and experimental devices such as Google Glass!

Come for dinner, stay for dessert!

Free Web Cards

FreeWebCards is one of the oldest greeting card sites on the web, started in 1998. When we were first linked to from Yahoo we only had an IP address! Since then we have sent over 10 million greeting cards. Recently we have revamped the site with HTML 5 for cross platform functionality as well as a more modern look and feel.

Our cards convey every range of emotion and sending cards couldn't be easier! We integrate into a variety of social media platforms to seamlessly keep track of your important dates, so you can send the right card at the right time.

We also invented a method of card sending that integrates personalization into each and every card, something that even the largest card sites can't accomplish.

We are the first Greeting Card site to utilize HTML5 exclusively to provide a service unlike any other.